Barnyard Birthday Party

In March I posted ideas for a Barnyard theme first birthday party.  My friend, whose parties you've seen before, took inspiration and threw this fun party for her son, Colby, who turned one!

We were greeted by a barn door

The table spread:
I love the use of the picnic tablecloth, baskets, bandana and other cute linens like the yellow and red napkins to line bowls and baskets (or in this picture, cover the food until ready to eat).
Some of the food served was BBQ sandwiches on buns, 'Colby' Mac n' Cheese, a 'veggie garden' platter, 'Little Piggies'- mini bigs in a blanket, and potato chips.  

(Click on picture to see larger)

The Cake

Drinks were chilled on ice in a wheelbarrow
also served were sweet tea and lemonade.

Homemade birthday banner, also seen at Claire's party, instructions here.  This garland is so easily customized using scrapbook paper and ribbon or your choice and fills a large space on the wall.

Fun, large animal ballons

Pictures from baby's first year

Favor table
Bandana's and boxes filled with farm themed treats for the older kids

and t-shirts for the other babies at the party
All complete with "Thanks Y'all" tags.

Since we all know kids need to be entertained at a party, one activity was planting seeds to take home and grow.  All supplies were provided and seeds, such as different flowers, vegetables and even herbs, were laid out for easy planting (with parents help).

Outdoor craft table

The other activity was a hayride!  How handy that Colby's dad already had the ATV and trailer, all he had to do was throw a couple bails of hay in the back.  The kids (and parents) loved this!

Lastly, don't forget to dress the part!  Farm attire doesn't have to be overalls, the birthday boy's outfit was found at Gap.


  1. Stephen!!!!!! Wow, I do not know who's blog this is but my name is Cami and we used to be friends a long time ago and have been out of touch and I am looking for baby shower ideas for a forest theme and as I was looking through all your posts I came across this picture...if you are friends with him and Liz please tell him I said hi!

  2. LOL!!! This is Liz! Sorry, we met a t NLC a long time ago, you probably don't remember but anyway, disregard that last post:) Hope you guys are well. I'd love to meet up whenever I'm back in CO. Your stuff is amazing! I just looked at all of it, your website and all! I have a ton of friends still in CO and when showers or events come up I am for sure passing your info along:) God bless!


  3. Hi,

    I am throwing a party with this theme and I LOVE the favor boxes. I know you didn't make them, it is your friend's party but I wanted to know if she made the animals, barn, etc. that are on the side of the boxes by hand. I would love to email her some questions. Can you share my email with her?