Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

My fabulous friend Joanna leads up a mom's playgroup and has recently started an annual tradition of doing a mom's night in that involved a cookie swap for the holidays. This year, she wanted to spice it up and take the cuteness up a few notches. Using inspiration found on a few party planning blogs, she gave the presentation a facelift with her crafty labels and jar decor as well as, well, you will see...

It was not only adorable, but delicious as all the cookies were amazing. Joanna even went so far as to provide cute little git boxes with Christmas-themed tissue paper for us to package up our new cookie assortment. It's the small touches that ake parties great. Thanks, Jo for letting me share your success with the cyberworld!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for all the cute and inspirational ideas! And for showing off your hot shoes. :)